Saturday, May 26, 2012

Utah's Hogle Zoo (Wyoming Day 19)

This episode of The Kerrie Show is brought to you by ... my mom (Tutu) ... because she buys us a platinum membership to The Kansas City Zoo every Christmas, which got us into Utah's Hogle Zoo half price (about $25 for all 7 of us).

We finally made it to the zoo. We LOVE zoos! First we drove over the mountains, a way we've never gone. It was AMAZING ... so gorgeous, just as pretty as Colorado. It got down to 33 degrees up there and snowed on us! It took us 2 hours to get to Salt Lake City to the zoo, but the kids loved it and everybody was happy with their Blo-Pops on the trip. I love going new places and finding new ways ... reading a map and discovering things on my own is something I really dig. So enjoy the pictures from our fun day.

A baby elephant nursing. We don't see many baby animals at our zoo.

After the bird show, the kids gave dollars to the birdie to put in the donation box.

Baby meerkats!

A photo to prove I was there! Sam holding Cal's parasol.

Eva chillin' in the stroller. Weird to only have to take the single stroller these days. Would've packed the double but no room in the van trunk for the trip!

Eva on the way home. Sam out-energied her and did NOT sleep.

I got them this light-up bubble gun that takes batteries. It's the Lazy Mom way.

Later, Sam put huge crayons in Daddy's muddy shoes and had a drink to celebrate.

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