Saturday, May 19, 2012

Real World: Wyoming; Day Twelve

Today was super chilly (48 degrees here and 84 in my hometown of Kansas City) and the van was in the shop, so we pretty much stayed inside or played with kitties in the barn.

A regular occurrence: I come out of the bathroom from a simple, 20-second peeing session and find that Sam and Eva (quite the duo) have trashed out the living/dining area and the other 3 have taken all blankets and sheets off extra beds and have made forts. If I wasn't so tired I'd laugh my butt off.

Tonight I got my drawers soiled when someone rang the doorbell. There are no shades on any of the windows in the main room or kitchen so of course anyone can see right in. It was a young guy, and I opened the door. He was here with a friend and wanted to know if they could fish at the river. I said I didn't know because it's not my house, but I didn't see why not. He was nice enough, but all I could think of was how the managers were not here and neither was my husband and how I wished I packed a gun all the time like one of my friends!!! (Quick! Google "gun laws Wyoming")

I'm homesick and need a hug from my parents and friends. It's so gorgeous here that I have no right to gripe. So here are some good pictures from our day, the fun parts, and if I had my way there would a "kitnapping" on Memorial Day from Kingfisher Bend Ranch!
Joel snuggles a kitty. He's naming them all already!
Veterinarian Callie McLoughlin, at your service.

Sam and Eva got to put cheese on the pizzas we made.

You don't understand how sweet this is unless you know Michael. Animals freak him out. He's fine with his 1-inch turtle and actually got on a horse last week. But holding a kitten is a big deal for him. We've come a long way at the ranch.

After Aron got home (around 8:30!), Sam and I played "dueling toots" and Aron and the other kids got to hang with the kittens.

Later I'm sure Aron was glad he got home before bedtime because I was writing and holding sleeping Sam when Sam all of a sudden woke, cried and puked all down my back. Whew ... Aron was here to catch the rest of the puke in a towel and to help clean it up! Lucky guy, that Aron! Hey, Dad, maybe it's because he rented a BUICK, RALPH!

We got to feed the horse tonight. I could get used to this Green Acres life. As long as there was a Target and a Starbuck's within walking distance.

Nana will be happy to see that we brought along a blankie/quilt she made for  one of the girls. They chose to use it to cover the Pet Porter since it has holes in the sides and it was going to be a cold night.
Fun fact: My first married last name was Porter. Kerrie is like "carry" and a porter carries crap. Interesting.

My man of almost 17 years gets a rare moment to read after cleaning up puke..

This dude puked then crashed. I tossed him on the bed so I could clean the carpet and change my vomity clothes.
Aron thinks he might get Sunday off, so we're hoping for nice weather and some more boat fun, exercise, suntan and family time!

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