Monday, March 5, 2012

"Wasting" Foil and Other Household Stuff

Joel apologized for wasting foil to make little nunchucks for himself and his siblings. He was hot glue gunning foil balls to the ends of yarn to make little weapons. Michael once apologized for using parchment paper like tracing paper so they could trace Pokemon figures and then cut them out and laminate them.

I don't see any of that as wasting because they are learning. They are being resourceful and making stuff and they are having fun.

I was sick some last week and we didn't get a whole lot of formal homeschooling done. So we "wasted" our week on stuff like this:
  • The kids set up little stores and sold stuff to each other (math, economics, handwriting, spelling).
  • They had a friend stay the night (social).
  • They got to play at a church with an indoor gym and outdoor play area (physical education).
  • We had dinner at a friend's house twice (manners, social).
  • Daddy was in Wyoming (geography).
  • They made these oil/water/salt/food coloring lava lamps (science).
  • They got to see the Marching Cobras at Callie's Upward Cheer celebration (music appreciation).
  • They gave to a food drive at the celebration (altruism).
Oh, and Joel read a lot. So the week was NOT a total bust! On to the next ...


  1. THANK you for posting that! I'm new to all this homeschooling stuff and really don't know how to do it on my own or at least I'm scared too. I am slowing pulling away from a boxed curriculum but have only done it with Science and History. Here is my MAJOR worry. My friend, who uses K12, says that my kids should be learning all about chemistry right now or it's gonna really mess them up for high school. They have to really, really understand it, the ins and outs. I feel like they are still really young and it seems to be going in one ear and out the other. Would love your thoughts.

  2. i started to respond but it's too long. thanks for asking ... i'll post an answer tomorrow.


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