Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mama's Got a Brand New Heartrak Heart Monitor!

Ah, the fun of being 40!

Thursday I got to go to Olathe Medical Center to grab me a heart monitor. I've had palpitations for years ... no big deal. My dad had them and his mom also has something heart-related. Palpitations alone I'm not really concerned about because they don't affect my daily life and are not frequent.

But here's the power of reality TV: I saw Victoria Gotti on Celebrity Apprentice and had to Google her to see what the hell she was even famous for (besides her dad) because they kept calling her an author. Turns out she wrote a book about her mitral valve prolapse. MVP would NOT be a good thing to have because it would make me tired, and I can't afford to be tired.

So I finally decided to grab the heart monitor. It's so easy ... I just put this credit card-sized dealy jobber up to my heart when I have issues and push RECORD. Later I call a real person from a land line and download the recordings. I'll do this for 30 days. I don't have to wear anything around all the time.

So my points are:

1. Reality TV can be good. There is a reason for everything. Thank you, Mr. Trump, for choose Gotti for your show.

2. We need to take care of our health. I kept putting this off because I didn't want to leave the kids to do it, but they had a BLAST with Jordan (as always) playing outside, and I even got to have a nice lunch alone and get some writing work done. (only child = alone as natural habitat and it feels nice sometimes)

This is a full-service blog. I don't judge you for watching reality TV and I'm telling you to schedule some sort of -opsy today whether you need it or not.


  1. I just had an echo cardiogram last week. That came back normal so they had me wear the holter monitor for 24 hours. I go see the Dr again Tuesday to find out how that went. They are concerned about my palpitations which I didn't bring up until they were freaking out about my heart rate being 110-120 every time I come in to see them. And lets face it. I don't do anything that would cause that. She did tell me to cut back on my caffeine. I am sure everything is fine though. Bet my insurance has been loving me this month. With being in the hospital for two days and then all the medications for the flu AND pneumonia. Now heart tests.

  2. Went through all these tests years ago. No MVP but they wanted me on beta-blockers. I tried, but my blood pressure would go so low I couldn't take them. Getting more exercise does wonders. And with 5 little guys, I'm sure you don't take the time for that. Also, sleep deprivation will make it act up. Another side effect of motherhood. :)

  3. I've done the heart monitor thing too, Kerrie. I had to wear a holter monitor for 6 weeks though! No fun!

    Hope they are able to figure out what's ailing you and it's an easy fix. Take CARE of yourself!


  4. Ree! It is so good to hear from you! I didn't realize you were having so many issues, you poor thing! I hope everything turns out okay ... let me know, okay? Oh, yeah, insurance is loving you! Use it up, sister! Take care of yourself!

  5. Carol, thanks for all the info ... my bp is usually pretty low even when i'm stressed so that could be interesting. i'm sure more exercise, less caffeine and less stress are all i need. i don't WANT to go on meds! i want to feel good and healthy!

  6. Angie ... 6 weeks is forever! i was worried i'd have to wear that one ... that's why i put it off so long ... i just knew one of my kids would mess with it while it was on me! take care of yourself, too! hope all your stuff got figured out!


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