Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kids Kill Televisions Sometimes
Kids kill televisions sometimes, and so our Panasonic TC-P50S30 50-inch plasma flat screen TV is dead. I am writing this post as a public service announcement for all those who are researching before buying this TV (like my husband did). Here's the deal:

A tiny plastic ice cream cone from a Play-do set was tossed in the air (not even toward the direction of the TV). Slow-mo-like, it hit the month-old TV. It left a 3-inch "crack" like the star of Bethlehem BETWEEN THE LAYERS OF GLASS. The TV shut down and won't turn on at all.
No TV appliance repair place will touch it to try to fix it. It will be cheaper to buy a new $700 TV. Breaking stuff doesn't make the warranty kick in, folks. 

Best Buy is where we bought it and they do not sell screen covers. They are losing lots of money every day because of that. Also, we won't be buying our next TV from them because that's like rewarding them. We do, however, have to take our OLD TV to them so they can recycle it since the TV has nasty gasses trapped between the layers. Landfill fun for the future generations!

If you have small children, even hanging the TV on the wall will not prevent something being tossed at it. I suggest you find another TV option to satisfy your TV happiness until your children are older or else BUY A SCREEN COVER. Here is a place you can get one, and it's called TV Armor. Yes, it costs a lot but not as much as a new flipping TV that you saved for months to buy!

The irony is that my husband RARELY watches TV. He didn't own one when we met (I wasn't sure the relationship was going to work out but clearly it has).


  1. I get frustrated by the lack of fixable things. It shouldn't be cheaper to buy a new tv, but that's the case with some things...iPods, vacuum cleaners, blenders. If someone opened an old-time general fix it shop today, they'd make a killing.

  2. i, too, get frustrated. i posted a review on consumer reports. i tried with my credit card company to say that i'm not happy with my purchase b/c it broke too easily and is clearly a piece of crap. no dice. the problem is stuff is made badly these days AND uses crazy materials like PLASMA GAS, whatever the hell that is!


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