Thursday, November 30, 2017

Sam McLoughlin Guest Post and Update: Guns and Kids

Hey there, peeps! This is Sammy Mac writing from the OP in the JC (Overland Park in Johnson County for the geographically challenged).

So like what do you think about guns and kids? I LOVE me some guns. They are my brothers', but I steal 'em and use 'em and stuff. I have to wear my wolf hat while I shoot at imaginary stuff. It helps if I also have on the other right gear, like my dolphin shirt and my Halloween pants in January. Oh, and two socks and one shoe that is too big for me. Peace out.

Check out this other picture of me, the one my brother Michael calls "Family Man Sam" ... yes, I am holding yet another Nerf gun and I wonder what you think about toy guns since my dad wasn't allowed to play with them growing up then he went into the Army to be a sniper. Interesting times, folks.

This was originally posted on February 5, 2012, but updated 11/30/17 to say that I now have a HUGE Nerf gun arsenal now that I am 8. We have moved to Peculiar, MO (aka The Country) where we can shoot real guns on our own property into a hill with a pond. I am going to learn how to use guns responsibly when I'm bigger. I might graduate to Airsoft guns first and I can go to Airsoft wars at the Christy house when I am 10. So excited.

Here's a gem I found. Guess my parents (and one of my godmother's, Ellen, were pro-toy gun from the start).

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