Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Love Women Sometimes!

Okay, so we all know that women drive me nuts sometimes. So do men. So do kids. That's life. We can't all have a lovefest every day.

I just have to say that I really dig my current homeschool group peeps. I came out of a bad homeschool group experience (that story is saved for Facebook wall posts, comments on miscellaneous blogs and my momoir) a couple of weeks ago and it turns out it was for the best that a couple of pals and I were booted out of the group. (yep, I'm a rebel ... you always suspected it ... I have confirmed it today).

The cover of my local paper a few weeks ago screamed "More Women Taking Aim" and there's a picture of a woman shooting a gun with her ear protection and badass face on.

This made me think of a new pal of mine who told me about walking around a grocery store with her gun in full view. I guess it's the law to have it in full view, and I my jaw was on the ground because I know ZIP about guns. And to think that a pal of mine was walking around toting one was like so cool. She has a permit. It's legal. But the people at the store were freaking out, so she was asked by management to cover it up or get out.

So this is just a mom walking around with a gun, legally. What if some crazy-looking hairy guy in biker garb walked in with his gun all on his pants? Yep, they'd probably just leave him alone.

So dumb of management to mess with a mom with a gun! When will you men learn? Women go rogue all the time. Why help push them over the edge?

Anyway, how do you feel about guns? I'm in the Bible belt (I think) in the Midwest, and I don't know squat about the gun law in my state. Of course, there's a whole 'nother state just a few miles from me and it has entirely different laws. I think I'd just be REAL nice to anyone walking around with an unconcealed gun.

Anyway, that's just one story of one woman I know who I think is cool and different and not thinking like the dang pack. I like women who think for themselves. Women who don't subscribe to groupthink and nod their little heads when the Queen Bee says, "PBS is too liberal. My Little Pony does chants. Harry Potter is evil. Gays are all bad. Rock music is from the devil."

In short, I have been around some CRAZIFIED womenfolk. And I have met some ROCKIN' women who look past the stories about me and get to know the real me. Women who parent their kids based on what they feel is right and what they research and not on what they are TOLD by society. I wish I could name all my peeps, but I don't want to embarrass them. They know who they are.


  1. It is ironic that in this age of absolute terror, guns get such a bad rap. People will refuse to let a preteen girl walk four blocks on her own in the middle of Johnson County for fear that she will be abducted. People will see a lone male walking through a neighborhood and immediately think they are in danger. Yet the idea of a soccer mom open carrying is enough to get the police called.

    Guns are one of those things which fall into a similar category as religion, sex, and science. They are all something which can be done responsibly with a little education and used destructively in combination with ignorance or malice. Unfortunately, poor statistics and a couple of high profile events which were turned into political vote gathering opportunities make them into this big scary thing which should be avoided.

  2. Woo hoo! Nice to have some commenters finally, and to have ones who are intelligent is an added benefit!!!

  3. I LOVE guns. There, I said it. My favorite dates are the ones to Powder Creek where I get to shoot a big, noisy, shotgun. As a homeschool mom who has to bite through her tongue and take MANY deep breaths to get through her day without inflicting too much spiritual/psychological damage, I like having an outlet that allows me to shoot at stuff. I don't have a concealed carry permit, but I think about it.


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