Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Bday Callie With the 20/300 Vision and Twins Funny

Happy 7th Birthday to Callie!!!!! We love you, our little cheerleader, and can't wait to see what your strong-willed self will become someday. You love horses and your doll Laura and your friends and Pokemon and jewelry and dogs and bunnies and makeup and fashion and unicorns and Barbie and fairies and dresses and chicken noodle soup without tomatoes and pink and music and singing and rainbows and laughing. Yesterday I took all 5 kids to the eye doctor and only the oldest 3 were seen. It was pandemonium! Callie has one eye at 20/30 and one eye at 20/300. I think they added an extra zero and messed up. There goes another couple hundred bucks! And I sprung for the nice pink ones (I cleared it with Aron first), which I project will be broken by Michael's birthday in April due to younger siblings and putting glasses in goofy places. How do you get a 7-year-old to take care of her glasses ... and keep them on all the time? I was 11 before I needed glasses, so this is nothing traumatizing around here ... those glasses will just be like my 6th child. Maybe we DON'T need a dog when we have glasses to care for!

This picture is in honor of my husband and his twin brother because I thought they'd get a kick out of it. Most likely Aron is the one grinning and making Eric cry!!!!!!!!


  1. I was thinking it was the other way around. Twin Aron

  2. Happy Birthday my Princess. Love Daddy

  3. My Sara would be the one making Helen cry - she practices every day!


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