Thursday, December 8, 2011

Do Moms Need a Break?

I don't know what I was thinking when I made this flippin' sign. Heard of WISHFUL THINKING?! I must have been having a hard day and put myself in a 2-minute time-out in my room to avoid blowing up at all the chaos that was happening.

Here's my question: doesn't everyone need a break? I mean, even regular working Joes get a smoke break if they need it. Recently Aron and I went on a date and talked about me getting out of the house more alone since Sam is getting older and stays at home well with Jordan or Aron. He thinks I need 2 hours to myself TWICE A WEEK.

Here's the thing: that sounds great. I don't LOVE being away from my kids, but I could sure use some UNINTERRUPTED time to scrapbook and to write articles. It would be cool to be productive AND to make some money to pay for my chocolate habit.

So why do I feel guilty when I leave the house and have a lovely, recharging time? This is such a cliche by now, but I truly do feel like a better mom when I get some time away from my kids. I guess it was always easier to find my sanity at home when I wasn't homeschooling, when I wasn't trying to write for money, when I wasn't caring for 5 human beings, when those precious human beings didn't talk so much, when they weren't in so many activities!

I know taking care of a baby is physically hard. Taking care of a child as he grows up is the hardest thing you will ever do emotionally, spiritually and more. A person needs to take a break when they are doing the most important job in the world.

How do you get your breaktime in?


  1. I get a break 1-2 times a year for maybe 2-3 hours lol. I suppose I could take them more often, but I end up missing the kids and can't wait to go home.

  2. I am employed in non child-caring activities 8-9 hours a week. A big part of my paycheck goes toward babysitting, but it is worth it to not have to settle an argument, change *another* diaper, or feel guilty about the housework I'm not doing for that amount of time. I also get my tail out of bed early on Saturdays and head to adoration. An hour to just sit and dump everything on God helps keep me sane.

  3. Well, on the toilet I guess. I was figuring that if might even put a sign on the bathroom door that says "break room" or "office". heh heh


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