Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hanging on the Freezer Door is Not a Sport

I'm over here at The Parent du Jour today answering questions about parenting. I guess I once tweeted that hanging on the freezer door is not a sport. Here are some other things that are NOT sports but that could easily be:

  1. Jumping on the bed.
  2. Jumping from couch cushion to couch cushion.
  3. Trapping siblings in bedrooms.
  4. Extreme ziplining.
  5. Throwing sand in a sibling's eyes.
  6. Extreme scooter-riding.
  7. Ignoring your neighbor.
  8. Trick or treating.
  9. Christmas shopping.
  10. Add your own here.

I think my blog post title is a great title for my first parenting book.


  1. Yeah but hanging on the bathroom door is a sport. Also called "Why the &()#*@#? is another *#!&)@? door hinge ripped out of the frame?"

    Sincerely, the door hinge repairman

  2. hahahaha! Mine is climbing my friend's roof is not a sport.

  3. My kids participate in competitive rocking chair tipping. No one has had stitches yet, so I guess it's a draw.


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