Monday, August 22, 2011

Kim Kardashian's $2 Million Ring

Wow, Kim Kardashian's man must REEEEEEAAAALLLLLY love her to give her a $2 million ring! The picture above is my hand next to a picture of hers. Like Kim, I have been married before. Let's see if Kim can make her second marriage last as long as mine has (almost 13 years; 16 years together).

 I'm not trying to be a jerk, but WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING wearing something like that around? I would be afraid some random person would cut my finger off to get that ring. So I ask you (and I think I already know the answer): does a bigger, better ring equal a bigger, longer, better marriage?

I think not. I love my ring. I took forever to find it. I think it's interesting that it has 5 stones and I have 5 kids. I wonder if that means something! My ring cost under $2 million. In fact, it cost under $2,000. I didn't want something that was obnoxiously big or too expensive for my man. I wanted something pretty that nobody would hopefully steal that was COMFORTABLE.

Dang, I wish you could upload a picture on the Comments section of the blog. Maybe put your wedding ring on your own blog or Facebook pic me ... I'd love to see your wedding ring and hear the story behind it.


  1. We were broke college studends and no one paid for our wedding, so we started out with just gold bands. We saved up and at our first anniversary he bought me a modest solitare damond. We talk about upgrading to a bigger ring for our 25th. I alway think of both my grandmas who wore simple gold bands. One was married 50 years (till death do us part) and the other one is still going strong at 63 years married.

  2. That is so neat how you photoshopped your hands together, WHAT a difference!

    Sure, her ring kicks your ring's ass but you won't be afraid to, well, kick some ass, while wearing your ring. Which is way more important.

    My baby chases my left hand around and tries to grab my ring with her grubby, slimy hands, which dulls the sparkle, which in the interest of full disclosure, makes me insane.

  3. thank ya, but there was no photoshopping involved! the picture was life-sized, apparently, so I just put my hand next to the photo and snapped away! your ring rocks, by the way!

  4. Yeah, we planned our wedding in five days. We were just friends for a year before that. One day we just decided we were in love and wanted to marry. Everyone told us we wouldn't make it, many wouldn't even come to our wedding. Now it's almost been 13 years! haha! My first ring he got me was around $50 and then when he got more money then he bought me one her wanted for $2,500. :)

  5. I designed my own. Hubby took me to the jewelry store and gave them his budget then they brought me what I could pick from and I put it together. I think it was under $3000, but we also were paying for our own wedding. I have friends with much bigger rings, but I love mine because it's different and not huge and very very me. I also love that he knew me well enough to let me make it myself ):


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