Friday, August 12, 2011

First Aid Sprays for Kids: Dermoplast is the Winner!!!

I just assumed all first aid sprays were good for kids. I mean, why would it sting and not help a cut to feel better instantly. It started when I was using Bactine on cuts. I could've just rinsed the cut or scrape off, but I sprayed it with Bactine, thinking it would feel better. But the kids said, "It stings!" I'm like, "It can't sting, it's Bactine ... it makes it feel better!"

Then I fell on my face at the pool and used the Bactine on myself and OUCHIE WA WA! So forget that. We'll be using that only on the adults who can handle the pain a little better.

A while back I got this CVS brand first aid spray, which is a knock-off of some other major brand. It was wicked expensive, but cheaper than Dermoplast, so I got it. I used it on the kids a few times and they screamed their heads off when I did. I'm like, "But it's supposed to clean the cut AND be a pain reliever. WTH?"

Then I tried it on myself. FREAKING OUCH! Forget that.

THEN I got smart. I whipped out my 2-year-old can of Dermoplast. It's what I've always been given after I've had a baby for my hoo-ha area, and it has NEVER stung a bit. So I tried it on my pool cut and it DID NOT STING!

You can tell something has pain reliever in it if you accidentally get some on your finger and your finger goes in your mouth and your tongue goes numb. I like to provide a service to my readers, as you know. You're welcome for that little tidbit.

The moral of the story is: spend the extra money on the Dermoplast if it's for your kids or for your hoo-ha. Or if you have a poor toddler who wasn't circumcized properly (as two of mine were not), and he gets a red, infected-ish penis every few months. Thankfully they learn how to clean their own and grow out of THAT problem, poor guys.

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