Friday, July 22, 2011

Schwarzenegger/Shriver/Alimony and the Media

So I'm hearing about how Schwarzenegger doesn't want to pay "spousal support" to Shriver, right? But I'm confused already. I mean, it doesn't sound like he is trying to get out of giving her the 50% she is "due" per California law. It sounds like he doesn't want to give her ALIMONY.

Didn't alimony go out with the 80s, when women needed the extra cash to buy their cocaine and globs of makeup and hairspray?

Seriously, though, I get annoyed with the media sometimes. They spin crap with no problem whatsoever. It's easy to spin Arnold because he screwed up. He made a baby with another woman and didn't tell his wife for TEN YEARS. That is messed up. But let's put that aside for a second ...

I ask you, doesn't Maria Shriver have like loads of her OWN money? I mean, the feminists say we better damn well be able to take care of ourselves, and she sure can. She probably has inheritance money since her poor relatives die all the time. She probably has money from when she was a big-time working professional and author. She can make another million in the next year without even trying. She's AMAZING.

So the media likes to get us all worked up about stuff. We are stupid. We believe what they want us to. Arnold is bad. Maria is good. Give her mo money. That will make her feel better, at least, right?

NOW ... if this were a REAL couple, like say my hubs and I (which it ain't gonna happen, so don't get any ideas here ... I'm just illustrating) ... I would have to throw the kids in daycare and school and get a J.O.B. Alimony would be a huge laugh! Alimony is for those with loaded husbands. (Child support is a totally separate issue, folks, and I would go after my man for loads of that so I could perhaps attempt to keep homeschooling and work from home, BUT a judge would probably not let me get away with it and just tell me to get a job.)

Or ... is alimony for the women because they are taking care of the kids and want to be stay-at-home moms? Is alimony like payment to them for watching the kids? That's sweet if you can afford it. But Maria's kids are grown and in school.

Does the media ever get you riled up and then you find out later the story was totally different. I'm trying to learn to suspend my disbelief ... and belief.


  1. I disagree...alimony is more of a payment for years of being by your side and you screwed me over. I have an aunt who was happily married (it least in her mind) with a man who was 10 years younger. When they aunt had a house and a career. They chose to have a baby..that baby was born with major medical heart defects and eventually it made more sense for my aunt to quit her job to care for the girl...who is now 13. The daughter misses a lot of school so she or her husband were constantly having to take off from their jobs to be with the child when she was sick from school. She quit her job..the husband insisted on moving to a place where his career would give him more money. They sold the house..under value even and she followed him dutifully to his new career. Where he now makes 100+ and she has been unemployed for the past 8 years. His career is booming and hers has sunk and now she has no house because they just rented in the new state. He decides to fool around and now my aunt is stuck trying to find a job that pays remotely decent salary compared to what she use to make. In her situation...that jerk totally deserves to have to pay alimony. My aunt stuck with him and gave up tons of stuff and she deserves to be reimbursed.

    Maria Shriver may already be loaded...but she stuck by that man and he screwed her over and he should have to feel the pain of that choice and decision.

    I happen to have been married and divorced as well. However, my first marriage was short, I did not go in with assets and a career that I felt I was loosing or anything. While the state said I could get alimony I did not pursue it. I wanted my divorce over without battling for things. But in my aunts case...18 years is a long time and she gave up a lot!

    So while Maria may be loaded to begin with..I am a believer in fair is fair whether your rich or poor. Everyone deserves equal treatment. Just because she is rich and my aunt is not..that should not be the deciding factor on whether alimony should be awarded or not.

  2. Maria Shriver was a news correspondent. She is also a democrat. When Arnold ran for governor..she gave up being a correspondent...because it might be considered a conflict of interest for the governor to be married to a journalist. She also set aside her personal political principles. She lost income and she lost income potential and she gave up a job she loved so he could follow his dream of a political career..her sacrifices gave him the best shot at winning..which he did.

    Alimony or both testicles..cough one of 'em up Arnie...perhaps the latter as you seem to be more responsible with the former...

  3. i just have to wonder how we would react if a woman had done this to a man ...

  4. I'm not siding with either party; however, it seems that attempting to get more out of the ex-spouse than is needed or justified is just an effort to hurt the one who hurt you.

    Hey, Ker! I haven't been on here forever. For some reason, I'm not getting your blog updates. I'll try to catch up...and call you one of these days.


  5. Guess I'm anonymous, because my google account is goofy. Love ya, sis!

  6. Brittney Spears is paying. And there are a lot of others that are too.

    I agree, Maria gave up her career when Arnold became governor. And they always ask for a big amount but there are guildlines and when everything is said and done it won't be the amount they are requesting.


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