Friday, July 22, 2011

Schwarzenegger/Shriver/Alimony and the Media

So I'm hearing about how Schwarzenegger doesn't want to pay "spousal support" to Shriver, right? But I'm confused already. I mean, it doesn't sound like he is trying to get out of giving her the 50% she is "due" per California law. It sounds like he doesn't want to give her ALIMONY.

Didn't alimony go out with the 80s, when women needed the extra cash to buy their cocaine and globs of makeup and hairspray?

Seriously, though, I get annoyed with the media sometimes. They spin crap with no problem whatsoever. It's easy to spin Arnold because he screwed up. He made a baby with another woman and didn't tell his wife for TEN YEARS. That is messed up. But let's put that aside for a second ...

I ask you, doesn't Maria Shriver have like loads of her OWN money? I mean, the feminists say we better damn well be able to take care of ourselves, and she sure can. She probably has inheritance money since her poor relatives die all the time. She probably has money from when she was a big-time working professional and author. She can make another million in the next year without even trying. She's AMAZING.

So the media likes to get us all worked up about stuff. We are stupid. We believe what they want us to. Arnold is bad. Maria is good. Give her mo money. That will make her feel better, at least, right?

NOW ... if this were a REAL couple, like say my hubs and I (which it ain't gonna happen, so don't get any ideas here ... I'm just illustrating) ... I would have to throw the kids in daycare and school and get a J.O.B. Alimony would be a huge laugh! Alimony is for those with loaded husbands. (Child support is a totally separate issue, folks, and I would go after my man for loads of that so I could perhaps attempt to keep homeschooling and work from home, BUT a judge would probably not let me get away with it and just tell me to get a job.)

Or ... is alimony for the women because they are taking care of the kids and want to be stay-at-home moms? Is alimony like payment to them for watching the kids? That's sweet if you can afford it. But Maria's kids are grown and in school.

Does the media ever get you riled up and then you find out later the story was totally different. I'm trying to learn to suspend my disbelief ... and belief.