Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kids at Funerals

Would you dare take 5 kids ages 10 and under to a funeral? I did just last week. My great uncle died, and he was one of 5 children himself and was one of the funniest people I had ever known. I pictured him in Heaven laughing at the antics of my kids as I chased Sam around a puddly parking lot at the funeral home.

I was holding up well until the military played "Taps" ... then I lost it and was grateful for my prescription sunglasses and the fact that the little ones had to be in the van and so I was away from the crowd as I cried. Then when the flag was folded and handed to my wonderfully ornery great aunt, I lost it again. Imagine 68 years married to someone culminating in a US flag being handed to you and 3 shots being fired.

I hugged my dad with extra fierceness and hugged all my uncles and my grandpa as well. I think I hugged everyone and held them tight.

There was a lunch after the funeral at the church my family attends. This is a church where I grew up and went with my grandparents when I would stay with them on weekends. My parents were married there in 1970. It was where I decided I'm not a fan of church nurseries because I remember being scared out of my mind to go stay with kids and adults I did not know a few Sundays a year.

Please take a moment and consider helping out somewhere. I never thought about how wonderful food tastes after sorrow, and certainly never considered that there was a team of wonderful women cooking it all and serving it to mourners. I'm pretty sure someday I will be a woman cooking food for post-funeral luncheons because it's something I've appreciated several times.

Melburn, you will be missed.