Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Red DIY Hallway Saves Money

Generally we play it safe around our house because we aren't sure if we'll be moving someday. We love our house but live on a busy corner. So our other rooms are pale green, pale brown, etc. We did get crazy with "the baby's" room in 2001 and made it shocking lime green with a beach mural on one wall painted by my husband. Then the girls' room is a cool turquoise and purple. Anyway, we went nutty and chose the color POINSETTIA for our upstairs hallway. I highly recommend it, even at 3 coats.

We save a lot of money by doing our own house projects. Don't forget May is Frugality Month ... coming up!


  1. That's a beautiful color! I love using bold color - esp in a small space. It's only color -how bad can it be? And you can always paint again if you don't like it (u do have time to repaint, right??). Looks very that...what finish did you use?

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