Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Artificial Birth Control for Us

I don’t really think that often about the ways I’m different from regular folks (even though technically I’m a total outcast hippie freak).

Then I realize something like how I haven’t been on The Pill since 1996 (amazing how those headaches disappeared!) … .that’s 15 YEARS! This also includes nothing else going into my body or on my man’s body.

It’s a wonder we only have 5 kids, right?! (don’t forget that Natural Family Planning is NOT the old rhythm method … I’m not even going to capitalize it because it doesn’t deserve it because it failed more often than not I’m guessing).

At a cost of at least $10 per month for the Pill (actually, our copay is probably double that), I’ve saved about $1800 … so far. Natural Family Planning isn’t just good for the Catholics; it’s also good for those who want to go green, do something natural for their body and save a ton of bank!