Wednesday, February 2, 2011

LL Bean Pima Cotton Sucks

I was so excited when I ordered my LL Bean Pima Cotton long-sleeved T-shirts. I usually spend about $5-10 per long-sleeved shirt at Target, but they don’t last long, they fade and they stretch out and get holey. So I figured I’d drop $20 per shirt at LL Bean since they got rave reviews about lasting almost until the end of time. I love the V-neck and the crewneck, but the boatneck definitely isn’t for those of us of the large-breasted variety of women. And the worst part of all was …


For those of us of the rounded tummy variety of women (gimme a break; I’ve had 5 kids and love chocolate), this is the kiss of death in a shirt. We want our butt half-covered and our belly fully covered. Shrinking upwards is not acceptable.

Guess I’m heading back to Target until I can drop some weight … I mean, I'm chunky cute and proud of it, but I still want to look my best, ya know? What's so wrong with that?!