Monday, January 31, 2011

Passing on Weight Issues to Our Daughters

here's something i recently tweeted: "i'm going to call myself "chunky cute" and love my 155 pounds (after 5 kids, dammit)."

someone asked: "Why are you so obsessed with weight? You look great! What sort of message are you sending to your girls (and boys) if this is the thing you are focusing on?"

here is my reply: "wouldn't say i'm "obsessed" with weight, but i do want to feel my best. i like being able to chase my kids and actually catch them if they are, say, running toward the street. thanks for saying that ... and that's what i'm trying to say, as well. the message i'm sending my girls is that i love my extra weight if it chooses to stick around. however, if i lose it by eating better foods for me, that's fine, too. i don't need cellulite-free thighs or higher boobies, just to feel great. when my moods are altered by M&Ms in a bad way, that's sending a bad message: that I can't stop myself from eating too much crap when i feel bad or bored or whatever. i want them to eat as good as they can and to look how they want, how they are happy with themselves. basically as a woman you can't win, it would seem!"

if a woman says she never thinks about her weight, she is lying. we all struggle with it. we all struggle with appearing nice and enlightened so we can pass on good things to our daughters. i'm coming to terms with the fact that i like myself no matter what i weight. how is that a bad thing to pass on to my girls? i'm not obsessed, just wanting to open the discussion!