Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Catholic Religion

Merry Christmas!

Here’s something I like about being Catholic: you can go to church EVERY SINGLE DAY if you are so inclined.

A little background on me and religion for those of you who don’t know. I was raised by my parents (both the oldest of four same-sex kids) as … basically a Type A Hippie. They are good people who instilled wonderful values in me. If I’m a tad self-absorbed it’s just because I’m an only child.

I went to church (one Presbyterian, one Bible) sometimes with my grandparents and enjoyed it. When I was 14 I went to a Youth for Christ rally with my friend Jane and got myself saved. For the next couple of years I went from Hippie to Exemplary Protestant Girl. My dad was mostly supportive; it drove my mom nuts!

Then came the Age of 16 ½ and all religion went out the window. I was rather naughty until I hit about 24, then I met a guy we shall name Aron. Aron was also a little naughty, and then 9 months into our relationship he decided we should STOP being naughty. I was taken aback and almost broke up with him.

Instead, I drug us to church and found that I enjoyed the Catholic experience. I went through the conversion process while also planning our wedding, but then couldn’t go through with it. I wanted to be totally sure that I wasn’t converting just because my husband was Catholic. I ended up converting the following year.

I do not go to daily Mass. I sleep in all snuggled up to my babies. Aron goes whenever he can. Lately our oldest son goes with him sometimes, at 6:30 in the morning. I think it’s cool that he wants to go. I think it’s cool that he’s not pressured by his dad to go, nor is he discouraged from going by me. When Sam’s a little older and I can leave him sleeping in bed, I’d love to take Joel to Mass some morning. It’s a positive way to start the day.


  1. My two co-workers are Catholics and I like what I hear about it. I like the idea of confession, I like the idea of Mass, and I sort of like how sacred everything least according to them. I think that there are many things to admire outside of Christianity. God is just too big to put inside of a box, you know?

  2. I love love love the Catholic faith. And Kerrie I look forward to the day when we can both be the cute little old couples in daily Mass. There is nothing more awesome to me in this whole world than my Tue-Thurs 630am daily Masses just me and Brian.


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