Monday, October 25, 2010

Mama's Got a J.O.B.

Last week the idea came to me to check out doing magazine deliveries around town on a monthly basis like we used to do in 2007. So I made some phone calls and miraculously got hooked up with a great guy from a great company and now we start our new delivery job TOMORROW! Maybe I'm just lucky or something, but it's stuff like this that happens to/for me that makes me roll my eyes at whiners who sit around crying about money but do nothing to go out and make any. If I can get a good-paying job in my neighborhood that I can take my kids along on (no sitter costs) with flexible hours only a few days a month, then surely more moms like me can find something to do that is similar.

Women, I am empowering you to stop whining and start earning. My income sources include babysitting at my house, magazine delivery, ebooks and articles. And all with no college degree!  And if you do happen to be a writer, don't forget about my ebook (Get Published in Regional Parenting Magazines) to earn some extra income.