Saturday, May 22, 2010

Temporary ID Tatto for Kids

This is a great post at The WM Parenting Connection called "Can't Parents Supervise Their Kids Anymore?" (sign up for the e-mail version so you don't miss a post!).

My opinion:  I used to think things like leashes for kids were crazy and wondered why someone couldn't keep track of their dang kid.  I felt this way because I had 3 Velcro children who would not leave my side.  Then along came Eva.  Pair that with living on a very busy street and, although I don't own a kid leash personally, I am now a believer in doing whatever it takes to keep your kid safe.

What do YOU think?

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  1. Whatever works..who am I to child unlocked a deadbolt and a chain lock(with a broom handle) and left the house in a tshirt and a pair of boots at 3am in November in Canada and if the dog hadn't barked may well have frozen as I slept...I judge no long as you aren't tying up in the backyard with a bowl of's all good ;)


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