Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fostering Independence in Kids

I (usually) love when my kids exert some independence and take care of their own needs.  I don't see it as being neglectful ... they are simply learning valuable life skills.  This is a picture of Eva getting her own cereal.  Sometimes they get into things before I realize they've done it, and there's a mess to clean up.  Sometimes I know what their plan is and support them.  Either way, I can almost guarantee that my kids won't be on my health care plan until they are 26 (Lord, I hope not, anyway).  I mean, if my kid can legally get a DUI at the age of 21, can't he/she also pay for his/her own health insurance right out of college SOMEHOW?  I don't expect them to get $100,000/year jobs right out of school, but they have to be able to take care of themselves, even if it means working 2 jobs to pay off school loans and to have health insurance.  Call me crazy, but I don't care ... I've known too many people who have taken care of themselves and I want to put that expectation out there for my own kids and hope it sticks.  I hope it offsets some of the babying I do to them :-)


  1. I agree that independence is a great thing! Mayyybe even helping out family every now and then. But I do know some family members who were unable to get their own health insurance even though they were working many hours each week. What would happen is that if they got terribly ill they'd have to go to the ER and you and I would pay. Not sure that extending coverage to 26 would help the low-wage earner or the person whose series of jobs are temporary, though.

  2. There is a big difference between allowing kids to be self reliant as soon as they show an interest in being so and neglecting them.

    Can't really comment on the health care thing is a non issue here in I'm happily paying my tax bill for everybody's coverage...which is a bit hefty but when I look at it, much less than the cost of medical insurance for anyone in the US or worse...the cost of not having any at all. And I get a lot of other services besides health care including the privilege of living here.

    I'm glad they settled all of this here long ago...we all have health's very comforting :)

  3. Unfortunately with my son's pre-existing condition he'll be lucky if he ever has insurance at all. Sorry I don't put all my hope in Obama. I'm a realist.


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