Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easter Pictures 2010

By popular demand, here are some Easter pictures from our day at my mom's.  Don't get too excited now!  Don't you think Sam looks like MiniMe from Austin Powers?  Make up your own caption for this one!


  1. This picture documents your official transition to Duggar lifestyle...oldest kid "buddied" with the baby. FYI. Put *that* in your scrapbook.

  2. Stare closely at the shiny ball. You are now under my control and will give me the boob anytime I want it. A ha ha ha ha. Oh yeah, Sam can have it too.

  3. Look closely at my shining orb. Not my head, the shiny orange orb. You are now under my control and you will give me the boob whenever I want it. Mua ha ha ha ha ha. Oh wait nevermind you already do. Well okay then hows about a steak?


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