Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Field Trip: Kansas City Zoo

A couple of weeks ago I realized our current Kansas City Zoo membership was going to run out in two days, and the weather was going to be amazing, so I decided to head to the zoo with 5 kids.

To save some money, we pack bread, peanut butter and jelly and eat there. We also get the refillable cup for soda when it’s hot or else just bring water. Unfortunately, I forgot sunscreen that sunny day and had to shell out 3 bucks for an ounce, but it saved us some hurtin’ later, so it was worth it.

I realized I am about 15 pounds heavier than I ever have been this long after having a baby. Then I realized it was like I was carrying around an extra Baby Sam all day at the zoo. No wonder my feet hurt so much when I got home. Wah.

Sam hung out in the stroller a little bit, but when he gets tired he’s a real Boobie Baby (just like the 4 kids who came before him) and wants to nurse and crash, so I carried him in the sling quite a bit.

We had a good time, but corralling all the little ones plus the stroller and all our gear was a little stressful for me. Who cares, though, when the kids had such a great time and thanked me all day long for taking them?!

I don’t have much to say about the exhibits since we really only made it to Africa and the little offshoot from Africa where the gorilla and tiger are. It takes us forever to get around anyway, and the tram was only running every 30 minutes (weekday). Hey, I wasn’t gonna walk to Africa at a 2-year-old’s pace, friends!

By the way, the new memberships rock and we bought one: $110 gets you one year of unlimited visits to the zoo (including Boo at the Zoo in October) plus unlimited train, tram and carousel rides. I don’t know about you, but that $100 pays for itself in about 1 visit for my big family. And the unlimited carousel rides (normally $2 per person) will really help me out! Don’t forget that your membership to The Kansas City Zoo also gets you a discount at the gift shop, in case you forget your sunscreen or have to have a stuffed animal.

What do you think of your local zoo? We love St. Louis, Omaha, San Diego, Phoenix and Cheyenne Mountain Zoos.

P.S. The pix aren’t so hot because I FORMATTED MY CAMERA accidentally after I’d taken a cute pic of all 5 kids on a bench. Grrr.

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