Sunday, April 11, 2010

Carrying Pictures of Your Kids

Do you carry pictures around of your kids? Most people do. Everyone I encounter can whip out a photo of their family. I never used to because my kids were ALWAYS with me. A couple of years ago we had an extra picture of the kids with Santa, so I put it in my wallet, but they all look like Santa just told them they were getting jack squat for Christmas!

Just curious ...


  1. I never have pictures with me. And it's not cause I don't love them. I just never actually remember to put their pictures in my wallet!

  2. I never carry their photos, either! LOL! I guess because when they're attached to us 24/7, we don't need a snapshot!

    I really should do it, though. Once in a while someone does ask me to see a photo and I feel like a bad parent. :)


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