Monday, March 22, 2010

Sexual Compulsion as DISEASE???

Okay, so we’ve established that alcoholism is possibly a disease. So how about sexual compulsion? Is it some chemical problem in the brain or just bad behavior? Or a bad habit? Or what? I mean, overeating is a big problem, too. But I have to have food. If I stop food altogether, I will die. But if I never have sex again I will be fine. If a guy never has sex again (even with himself), he will not blow up.

Can’t wait for the opinions on this one.

By the way, there is a great program called Covenant Eyes that you can load onto your computers for accountability for someone who may have a problem with Internet porn. They have an accountability partner who sees their Internet report for the week (the sites they've gone to, what time of day, etc.). For the family members who don't have a porn problem, they just have a different login and no accountability partner.


  1. I will so get blasted for this, but I think if someone wants to see porn, who cares? It's only a problem for the person who is bothered by it. I would definitely not be OK if I never had sex again, if my husband or I were to die we'd certainly be self-stimulating in order to keep our hormones at bay until we found another mate. I doubt either of us would explode without it, but "not getting it" is uncomfortable, like having an itch & not being able to scratch it. Why suffer? Sex is a good thing, a happy thing and I can't imagine policing it like that. The "need" which, I am sure someone who finds themselves stimulated by porn, must feel it a need or compulsion- will not go away, they'll just buy a dirty magazine or something. Women read those smut novels and they're just as stimulating as porn, why aren't covenant eyes monitoring women's bookshelves? Anyway- there's a controversial opinion to open up your discussion :)

  2. Hey Kerrie,

    Thanks for your post. Would you be at all interested in writing a guest for the Covenant Eyes blog? We love hearing how Christian families are using our software to help people in how they use the Internet with integrity. Please email me and let me know!

    Luke Gilkerson

  3. lisa, i don't entirely disagree with you, fence-rider that i am. i think it can be just fine as long as it isn't overtaking your day and affecting your job performance, for instance. and as long as it isn't leading to an affair, which often does happen. just looking at playboy is one thing; online porn and chatting get pretty bad and often destroy marriages. there's a big difference.

  4. I honestly don't think it's a disease. I think it's a lack of self control. Or self respect. I haven't come to a conclusion on that one.

    Thanks for the tip on covenant eyes. I think that sounds like a great program.


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