Monday, September 2, 2019

You Can Do Anything 5 Minutes at a Time

*Originally posted March 10, 2010 when my kids were ages 8, 6, 4, 2 and baby.

Here's how I'm cleaning today ...

I'm spending 5 minutes on the Internet at a time because otherwise I spend way too long on there while the kids are sleeping, playing or watching TV.

Then I'm spending 5 minutes doing dishes or accomplishing some other task like putting away laundry or picking crap up or whatever.

It makes life exciting, I'm tellin' ya. It's like a little relay race with myself. You have to keep things fresh when you're a stay-at-home chick like me. And it makes for some thrilling blogging!

How the heck do you get it all done while caring for kids and spending time on the Internet?

Updated September 2, 2019 and I still pretty much do this because I still have these lovely (I don't want to use the word interruptions because that seems negative and I love having my kids around all the time) … kidlets around the house much of the time. So I do what I can when I can little bits at a time only now they help me :-) We chat while we fold towels. Chat while we do dishes, pull weeds in the garden and around the pool out here in the country.

No more do I pop the youngest in a sling and mow the yard when my husband goes out of town while giving the other kids treats to stay inside no matter what (lawnmowers are dangerous!). These days my two oldest do a huge hunk of the mowing on the riding mower … acres of mowing all by themselves. Then they get in their cars and go to work!

So these days a lot of things get done with 5 minutes at a time: ordering groceries, teaching a math concept, reading a book, giving a bath, grabbing a bath for myself, sending a Marco Polo, scheduling a mammogram. Life changes and you just keep rolling with it and praying about it and loving it and appreciating it!

Oh, and I have also, over the years, been able to write books and articles and do proofreading projects just a few minutes at a time. It all adds up.

Here's to a happy life!

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  1. How do I get it all done? I don't!

  2. About the same way as you! And it never gets done. Le sigh...

    Ah, screw housework. I say as long as you're enjoying your children, your work and your life in general, the cleaning can always wait! (unless your kids are digging out from underneath a six-foot pile of underwear every morning... ;)

  3. You Don't! Which drives me nuts A LOT of the time, but really, what can you do?

  4. I agree with the other ladies. I quit mopping and dusting regularly when my first child was about one. Being a mommy is a blast, being a housekeeper is not.

  5. My house is a mess and laundry is piled up...but my son is happy and that's all that matters..not how clean my house is.

    Even though it sometimes means I wear the same pair of pants 2-3 times before they get washed...


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