Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bedwetting Over the Age of 5

I took Callie to the doctor for her "kindergarten" checkup and vaccines. The doctor wanted to know if she was fully potty-trained. I told him she still wets the bed some. I didn't express that it was a problem, but he suggested all kind of stuff, from bed alarms to medication.

The thing is, I know lots of people with kids who wet the bed. Some of these kids are approaching 10. I don't want to medicate her to dry up her bladder. She just sleeps heavy. I never had any problems with the boys, and I know everybody is different, so I'm not worried about it. It will stop eventually. She is dry during the day and never has accidents during the day.

Does your older kid wet the bed? Suggestions?


  1. My child used a night-time pullup until 4 so I understand.

    I know of a kid who wet the bed due to food allergies. Milk was his problem. And..some drinks are more eliminating than others. Try koolaid or water instead of tea or soda.

    Hope you find results somehow.

  2. My niece (who is now 14) wet the bed regularly until she was 6. She stopped for about a year, then about every 6 or 7 months it would start up again nightly for a few months. This happened until she was 12. The doctors said it was because as she was growing, her bladder still needed time to "catch up".

    I personally think the alarms would be scary! And why medicate? I guess doctors are just used to "fixing" things.

    My 4 year old sill wets the bed (we use nighttime diapers too) but her dad wet the bed until he was 14. The *poof!* it just stopped! Of course I'm hoping she won't go as long as he did, but not a big deal.

    Sorry for the novel length comment!

  3. I have a 6 1/2 year old that wets the bed. Since I put them to bed around 8pm and I stay up late, sometimes if I remember, around midnight I'll wake him up to go potty and sometimes that keeps him dry the rest of the night. He's my only one that's had that problem. He wears pullups.

  4. By the way, how is your homeschooling going since having baby????

  5. My oldest, who is now 14, wet the bed off and on until about 10. He is the only boy I have had that had this problem. One night he wet the bed 5 times! I could not figure out why..then I read an article that certain foods can agitate their bladders...in his case it was a popcycle he had around 6:00 pm the night before. I knew juice would do that so he stopped drinking that early in the day.but their are quite a few foods that can irritate a childs bladder. Irritation is obvious when he wet the bed 5 times and he never had anything to drink. That was how I knew for him that this was a sensitive thing he truly can not help. I never got upset with him and he has been a nurtured child his whole life. I just stressed to him that some kids bodies are more sensitive to things than others. I think 5 is completely natural and I would not sweat it at all! :)

  6. My oldest daughter is 9 and will occassionally still wet the bed. Usually she will wake up and just wets her panties. If she is sick, drank alot of fluids before bed or is extremely tired she might have an accident. My youngest is 6 and rarely wets the bed. I make sure they don't drink a lot at night and go to the bathroom before going to bed. In the past I took them to the bathroom before I went to bed. I also use a waterproof bedcover, so they can feel the wetness that usually wakes them up. That always helped.

  7. I used to until I was probably 6 or 7. My mom eliminated any and all caffine after 7pm, and the problem stopped. You might be able to figure out a food related cause, but I wouldn't worry yet.


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