Friday, December 20, 2019

Toothpick Stuck in Foot

Originally posted February 12, 2010

Last Friday I stepped on a toothpick and got half of it stuck in the heel of my foot. Since I have to post so far in advance (no Internet at home), I could be dead right now, could have a toothpick cut out of my foot, or could have it still in there. It's a cliffhanger for sure.

Anyway, in my internet travels I came across this site, and I can't make this crap up. It is some priceless humor and grammar! 

Updated 12/8/2018: I see this post in my Top Posts feed, which makes me laugh :-) I have to wonder if a lot of people are having this problem or are maybe searching "toothpick erotica." YIKES.

Here's what happened: I was too big of a baby to let anyone dig it out or to do it myself so I put on Neosporin, slapped on a Band-aid, and waited overnight. When I took the Band-aid off, the toothpick LITERALLY slid out of my foot by itself.

Voila. Something to be said for being a big old baby.

I can't tell you how many times since then I have found toothpicks on the floor. Life with kids.

Here's a photo of my husband making fun of the toothpick in my foot. There was huge drama around this situation, friends. Don't worry, it's only ketchup.