Friday, February 12, 2010

Toothpick Stuck in Foot

Last Friday I stepped on a toothpick and got half of it stuck in the heel of my foot. Since I have to post so far in advance, I could be dead right now, could have a toothpick cut out of my foot or could have it still in there. It's a cliffhanger for sure.

Anyway, in my internet travels I came across this site, and I can't make this crap up. It is some priceless humor and grammar! And I love the 1st post where she talks about something hard nearing the hole (in her foot). It's like toothpick erotica.


  1. Um, yeahhh, it's sort of not very appetizing online erotica, too, with all that "puss." Though I have to wonder at the physician discussed... there's this big chunk of toothpick they never got out?? Eeew.

  2. I think the morel to this story is to keep the toothpicks in the cupboard and off the floor.....

  3. I have stepped on one too..No fun!! Fish hooks aren't either

  4. A few years ago I sat on my daughters chou chou dolls bottle, she left it in between the couch coushions. I sat down and it stabbed my leg near my bum and needed three stitches. Hope your foot is ok.


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