Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dairy Products and Mucus: Chocolate Silk from Whole Foods

You hear all the time about the correlation between dairy products and being all snotty. Not snotty in attitude, but in mucus. Since Sam has been congested since birth and is almost 4 months old now, and since I seem to have all kinds of drainage going on (sorry to gross you out), I have been cutting down on dairy, and it seems to be helping. Maybe it's wishful thinking. Maybe it's true.

Either way, I tried out Chocolate Silk (soy milk) and we all loved it. I just wish I could afford the 3 bucks a half gallon 10 times a week, because we would all just suck this drink down. Do you ever picture tiny soybeans with boobs being milked? And how about little grains of rice being milked for Rice Milk? No? Must just be me. Huh.

Did you know you can do a tour at Whole Foods grocery stores? You get to try out stuff to see if you like it before you commit to buying a full-size version of it. I'm gonna set up that field trip for my homeschool group (most of whom probably already shop there cuz a bunch of them are crunchy). I may have to take up stripping to pay for more healthy food for my family, but we all have trade-offs, right?

Just kidding, Dad.


  1. Soy milk is not healthy. I found this out years ago when I studied with herbalist Susun Weed and I worked at Wild Oats. But lately the rest of the world is figuring it out. Research is showing how truly bad for you unfermented soy products are. The problem is people think just because something is promoted in the health food industry it's good for you, that is so not true. You still have to do your homework.

    I'll send you the articles, Kerrie...

  2. Haven't heard good things on soymilk either. I use rice milk for smoothies, although we also use organic milk. What about goat milk? I've heard good things about goat milk being much easier on the human digestive system, although I'm not sure how it correlates to the mucus issue.

    Penny, I'm so jealous you worked with Susun! I have her wise woman book and have been following her herbal advice for several years.

  3. i had no idea! i just figured whole foods did their research but they are a business like any other i suppose. yeah, how about rice milk? and i've tried goat milk ... can't handle the taste, not to mention it's not easily accessible on a regular basis to me here in the north op ghetto!

  4. I am so up on all the dairy crap it's not funny.

    Soy milk mimics estrogen and they say it's not good for boys to have too much because it can cause all kinds of issues.

    Also, if it's a protein intolerance to milk, they will most likely be intolerant to soy proteins too. Goat's milk still has the proteins in it, so it doesn't help with anything.

    The big thing to look for is mucus in the poops. That's how we knew Riley had a protein intolerance. The second we put him on Alimentum, it went away. Also, reflux can cause babies to sound congested too (another one of my areas of expertise).


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