Sunday, January 17, 2010

Poor Sam

Today is Sam's Baptism and celebration at our house. Wanted to share this photo of him as a Spam Samwich on bread. You gotta feel sorry for the poor kid with parents like us. Who takes a picture of their kid between bread? You have to love the wary face he's making. It will come in handy in his case for Emancipation in about 12 years.

Don't worry, tomorrow I'll give Sam a rest and will write about something else!


  1. Poor lil Sam LOL. That is funny, but he needs a bigger slice of bread. :)

  2. Great. You did it now. Poor Sam is going to have screaming fits and fall to a fetal position for the rest of his life everytime he passes a Subway, Quiznos, or Mr. Goodcents.

    He'll start sleeping in the cold cuts drawer of the fridge and run through the store throwing all the Oscar Meyer cold cuts around screaming "BE LIBERATED MY CHILLED BROTHERS AND SISTERS!"

    Satified now?


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