Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flabby Body as Shell

For those of you who believe the human body is merely a shell to hold our souls: I absolutely agree with you!

However, the back part of shell hurts more lately because of the boobie and belly and back fat roll weight it has to support. And my shell moves more slowly, which is bad when I have kids to save and I need cat-like reflexes. And my shell doesn't need diabetes or further heart issues. My man loves my shell like it is, but I want my shell healthier.

I don't expect my shell, at age 38, to be bikini-ready by June. I'm cool with stretch marks, saggy boobs and cellulite.

But if I don't lose this weight now, menopause will soon slow my metabolism down so freaking fast that I won't have a chance of being even merely comfortable in the years to come. And what if, God forbid, I get pregnant again? What I weigh today is what I should weigh NINE MONTHS PREGNANT. I can't imagine packing on another 25 pounds to this frame as-is.

And yes, I plan to bore the living crap out of you about weight loss. I started at 159, by the way, and am not afraid to share that. I am 5 feet and 2 inches tall. And I am going to lose this weight ... the goal is 129, in case you are interested. And I'm going to do it without Weight Watchers. Or Jenny Craig. Just me counting calories and attempting to move my butt. Do you think I can exercise and breastfeed at the same time? I'm gonna try, dammit.

Help me out here ... share with me your body issues so I know I'm not alone! And please don't tell me I look good for having 5 kids or that I'm still nursing and shouldn't try to drop the weight. I'll sit on you, and you know I will.