Monday, January 11, 2010

Nintendo DS for Kids? That's a Bunch of D.S.!

Can I just ask you some questions?

Would you give a 6-year-old a $100 bill to take care of for years?

Do you even let your 6-year-old cross the street alone?

Then why do you buy a little hand-held video game system called a DS (I can't figure out what the hell that stands for) and let them take it everywhere they go?

You know they'll drop it on the concrete.

You know they'll leave it at a friend's house.

You know my Eva will get ahold of it and try to eat it or otherwise ruin it somehow.

You know kids don't have a ton of sense til they're like 25.

So why do you do it? I'm genuinely curious. And love to rile you up!


  1. I completely couldn't agree more!!!!

  2. I wouldn't trust a 6 year old with that but my 12 year old has one and her grandparents just got her a cell phone and I think that is much worse! Great points.

  3. I'm not sure why either!
    BTY, I'm making Tater Tot casserole tonight! Thanks!

  4. I agree, we didnt get our kids one (it's called a nintendo DS which apparently stands for duel screen) when they turn 11. We have 2 in our house, 1 blue and 1 pink one.The 4 kids over 11 have to share them and they are NEVER allowed to leave the house with them. The younger kids can play them but only under my supervision with age appropriate games (like a game called cooking mama..)..anyway, thats my opinion..oh and NONE of our kids have cell phones..get a job and pay for it yourself is my philosophy, my mum doesnt pay my phone bill why should I pay their's????

  5. eva ... my point isn't that it's more screen time b/c i'm all about the TV. my point is why are we making munchkins responsible for expensive gadgets?


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