Sunday, January 3, 2010

Breastfeeding and Weight Loss Myth

Why is it that I can eat what I want when pregnant and only gain 25 pounds each time, yet when I'm nursing I eat twice that amount and start packing it on even faster? I weight 12 pounds more today than I did at 13 weeks pregnant with my latest son.

I'm RAVENOUS when I'm nursing. That's why weight loss is so dang hard this time around. You know how you are buring like 500 calories while nursing? Well, I EAT those extra 500 calories, twice over. And I do it after giving birth because I'm stressed out. Taking care of a baby takes everything you have. It's completely physical. I didn't gain much when I only had 1 kid to take care of because I could pour myself entirely into him.

But with each kid I had starting with Joel, I gained an extra 5 pounds, for a total of 25 (okay, it's actually 30) pounds. That really adds up on a 5'2" frame.

My pal over at Meet Virginia is having the same struggle after the birth of multiple children. It's good to have support, and that's what ya'll are to me. My dad and his wife just lost a lot of weight ... I'm hoping to follow in his healthy footsteps.


  1. Gosh, I know what you mean! I started out with people saying, "Wow, you don't look like you're even old enough to have kids!" Then "you don't look like you've had a kid". To "You look good after having kids." Finally, "You don't look that bad...." I tend to keep on at least 5lbs with each one. You hit it right on the nail.

  2. Yes, breastfeeding didn't "melt" off the pounds for me either!
    After my 3rd child, I bought Chalean Extreme from Beachbody and I absolutely LOVE it. It transformed my body. I highly recommend it!

  3. I don't think you should be concerned with this right now Kerrie. When Samich is done BFing, then you should work on losing weight and maintaining a weight balance you like. I biked 18 miles a day for 2 weeks, but ate all the protien I wanted and didn't lose any weight. I was stunned. My body is set at my weight. Unless I want to eat like a sparrow and go crazy, which I don't, I just accept the weight I am at. Alex J

  4. I have to agree with SCHWAA44 on this one Kerrie. Stressing yourself out about this should not be your top priority right now. Once you have some relief from the rigors of breastfeeding Samich and you are more up and about, then focus on it. Right now it's winter AKA "life at the polar outposts for those of us in the Midwest".

    I am still losing weight and don't ask me how I am managing it. I haven't really thought about it and it's happening.

    Whatever you decide, you know I will support you. I can be your drill sergeant. I'll get you a Bluetooth for your cell and I can shout at you long distance while you workout. ;-)


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