Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Eva

Today my baby girl turns 2. We're heading to church, then plan to come home to frost her 2-layer circle Devil's Food cake and dig into it. Later we'll give her a gift, which is a baby doll with a stroller and bouncy seat. Her party is next Saturday.

Eva is our Tasmanian Devil (hence the Devil's Food cake). She writes on the walls and gets into EVERYTHING. She's the reason I can't leave out my scrapbooking stuff anymore. Heck, I can't leave out ANYTHING anymore! But that's okay ... she's our smiley, smart, cute, funny kid who is now starting to make sentences like, "I don't know. Bye bye." Which sounds more like "Unnobyby."

We love you, Eva!

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  1. I've always had hard two year olds till Ashley. She is two and she never gives me a problem. She is super calm (unless one of her siblings harass her) and she listens really well. I never thought about it till the other day. I have a calm child? Is she really mine? Did I accidentally switch with someone else's kid at the store?


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