Saturday, November 7, 2009

Michael's Logic

This morning I hear Callie crying upstairs. In a house with 5 kids, someone is crying every 5 minutes, but still I go to investigate. Mostly because Aron's home today and I want to make sure I look like a good mom to him (yeah right ... he knows the truth by now).

Callie comes down the stairs and says Michael smacked her arm. I ask Michael why he did that, tell him we don't hit, blah blah blah.

He goes, "She said nothing hurts her." So he smacked her to show her that things do hurt her.

Today I'm going on a little date with my oldest son to D'Bronx to eat pizza and chat (his choice), then to Target so he can get a Nerf gun with his allowance so he can further terrorize his siblings and friends.

Eva is closing in on the age of 2 and can say the word "Plumpy" so cute!

Samwich is 1 month old today and starting to chunk up like a true McLoughlin. Nursing is going well ... still getting some formula each day, but at least I'm not shelling out billions of dollars on the stuff. What will I do when the free cans run out? If you leave the word "pump" in the comments section, I'll track you down and give you a spankin'. I hate pumping and get minimal milk, so don't even suggest it, Bloggy Peeps.

Catch ya later.


  1. Sign up for more free formula under more names? You have a big family...LOL. I kid, I kid. ;)

    Glad to hear everyone is doing well...and your son Michael sounds like my son Cameron. Always the logical one, even when it hurts. LOL.

  2. Lol, I like Angela's suggestion. That's what my mother did. Although it was kind of annoying because she used my name and I started getting mail about the children that I don't have and don't plan on having for a very long time...anyway...

    The sibling-terrorizing sounds like my brothers. And I've only got two of them. I can't imagine having five kids in the house. Both my mother and I admire you for not completely losing your sanity. ;)

    Happy one month birthday to Samwich! Glad he's doing okay. :D


  3. It seems like lately, ever since I had Caleb, that my kids are fighting more. It's been a tad crazy and I can't figure out why. They all love Caleb, it just seems like someone loaded them on Koolaid, wound them up, and let them loose. I hope they get adjusted soon! Yikes!


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