Sunday, September 20, 2009

Funny Meth Commercial

Sorry, folks, but I have a sick sense of humor. Tresa used to say she was cleaning her house like a crack whore, which always made me laugh. I didn't know there was an actual public service announcement-like video until she sent me over to YouTube to watch it. It's pretty catchy! And definitely will keep me off drugs. I'll continue to be a B12 momma to snag my waning energy fix. Enjoy! And if anyone knows where I can get me one of these women to clean my house, I can pay like $20/week! You're welcome, by the way, Schmidt, for putting the song back in your head. Let's see what ads run on the blog now!


  1. That is so delightfully freaky and disturbing! I will have that song in my head for days.

  2. The funniest part of this post is that now google is running a multitude of meth addiction ads down the right hand side of your column. Lovely ads that combine parenting and meth. "Your meth addiction doesn't have to ruin your kids lives", "What's the meth "experience" and how does it effect your body" (shouldn't it be affect?), Searching for Meth Rehab? Browse our Meth Rehab Directory, "Expensive, but Worth IT! If you can afford a luxury rehab, Call us for help locating one. " What a delightfully wacky world we live in. To quote Hunter S. Thompson - "It still hasn't gotten weird enough for me."


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