Friday, September 4, 2009

Boobs Everywhere

When did it become okay, even fashionable, to have your bra and thong showing?

I recently went to a wedding and noticed a woman’s back. Her gorgeous silvery-gray bra was hanging out the back. I could see like the whole thing. Then Aron tells me I should see her front. When I got a glimpse, my eyes popped. She was a tiny chick with like Double EEs and a good 50% of them were hanging out of the bra.

At the same wedding, there was another chick with a dress on that had her boobs 50% on display, as well. It doesn’t BOTHER me, but I just don’t get why women do that! Just wear a sign that says,

“I have low self-esteem and/or am stupid. Please stare at my boobs. I also want your dad and son and husband to stare at my boobs and think about me later because I am a sex object.”

If my bra is going to be blatantly on display, I just don’t wear the top. Maybe someday I’ll invest in a bra with clear straps, but until they make a nursing bra like that, I’m SOL. And don't even talk to me about strapless.

And I’m a FEMALE … what are MEN thinking when they see these boobies in their faces? I actually feel sorry for men … they can’t get a freaking break. They are told to not oogle women and to not catcall them and so on. Yet some of us women insist on putting our goodies on display for our fathers, uncles, sons, bosses, strangers, teachers, and so on to see and store in their mammaries. I mean memories.

Then again, I put my pregnant belly on display for the world to see …

* but don't even talk to me about how I've been nursing for 8 years straight ... my Nursy Bags are nicely covered at all times.

*edited to add: Thanks, Sean! I totally forgot about words on butts and chests. I am guilty of the chest thing b/c I have a shirt that Aron got me that's all sparkly and says "Save the Tatas" on it, but that's like Save the Whales, so it's totally politically correct and I don't wear it around a lot of people. However, little girls with words like PINK or PRINCESS on their asses really bugs me, especially at CHURCH! My butt words would say WIDE LOAD or EXIT ONLY or TAKEN.


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  2. As a resident boob loving male, I find the practice you refer to as both unecessary and sad. There is a time and a place for everything. If you are in a night club, sure show what you got if that is what you have to do, but do I want my 6 year old son thinking it is ok to objectify women in this way? Or my 2 year old daughter to think in order to be "accepted" you need to practically strip in public at Wal-Mart? And don't even get me started with clothing that forces men to have to read the words on a woman's chest or butt and then being called a pervert. Excuse me? You wore the flipping billboard there, deal with it or change your flipping clothes I say. These sorts of things create a sexual harrasment nightmare for men.

    I find it even more humorous that you are writing this old friend because you have always been an exceedingly beautiful woman and one who is so not for what you show, but for what you don't show and the way you carry yourself. Never change that. You have always been cute and far from trashy, stay that way.

    And for the record? I think your baby bump is sexy. Any man who respects the power of woman to give birth would. And as for you putting it on display, what are you supposed to do? Hide it? Good luck with that.

    And one last word...


  3. OK, "Save the Ta Tas" is a group I support because they do good for breast cancer. So if you adverise ta tas on your ta tas and make some money off a pervert drolling at you, then it was all for a good cause.

    And quit hating on your constant mommy life givers sagging. You still look every bit of 16 and you should be damn proud of it.

  4. I just love having to explain to my daughter that it is not appropriate to do such things. I wish people had a clue! :O)

  5. I just love having to explain to my daughter that it is not appropriate to do such things. I wish people had a clue! :O)

  6. OK, this post just makes me laugh! Thanks for making me smile.


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