Sunday, September 6, 2009

Are You Kidding Me, Missouri?

Missouri has passed a law banning texting while driving. For those under 21.


What kind of wussy law is THAT?


Because texting while driving is stoopid. Also, no applying makeup while driving. I’m not even a fan of talking on the cell phone while driving. AND the thing about those stoopid headsets for cell phones is that YOUR ATTENTION IS STILL DIVIDED BETWEEN THE DRIVING AND THE PHONE CALL.

But they have mandatory helmet laws in Missouri for motorcyclists. If you don’t want to wear your helmet and get smashed all over the road, that’s YOUR business. But if you cause a wreck between you and Preggie because you’re texting, and you aren’t ALREADY dead, I will kill you.


  1. Preach it, Kerrie! I'm sure our old youth minister wondered why our children were suddenly not allowed to attend youth "quizzing" groups with the other children at other churches. It was because the pastor was texting while driving, going over the line and weaving. At least according to one of my sons, who had ZERO reason to lie and would miss the group.

    But you know? Safety first. You can still get to heaven and read your Bible at home. I never did confront him about it because you know what? I have other conflicts etc. in my life than to do that. But I can pull my kids.

    I just feel like, if I pulled them and explained, that he would be angry they told. Or whatever. I just went and let them think I was a fickle parent. Sometimes you can't win.

    Then again, maybe I dishonoured him by not letting him know what was on my mind. Sometimes I am just not sure.

  2. I'm on your side. Texting, chatting on the phone, applying makeup...all that needs to be illegal at the wheel. My mother witnessed an accident just the other day where some idiot woman pulled into traffic because she wasn't paying attention--she was texting.

    It's not just the teenagers that don't pay attention. Sigh.

  3. I find the blog posts this weekend very interesting. They both deal with rules and laws. It is ok for your child to break a rule and post a photo of it seeming funny when clearly that sign is there for a reason (your child's safety) and she could have slipped or fallen and truly hurt herself. You seem to be contradicting yourself my friend. People are watching.....

  4. Sad thing is, the laws don't work. Cell phones have been banned while driving here in Jersey for a couple years now and people still do it all the time.


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