Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pregnancy Horror Stories

WHY WHY WHY do people like to tell pregnant women horror stories?

Recently a guy tells me this gem: When his sister-in-law was pregnant with her third child, she woke up and basically peed a ton of blood. They lived in a small town, so the ambulance barely got her to the hospital in time. Five more minutes and the kid would’ve been dead. She was not even close to the end of her pregnancy, so the kid spent SIX MONTHS in the NICU.

Then there are the people who like to tell me how I’m having too many kids and that their mom’s uterus FELL OUT while she was grocery shopping. Or that there was just a baby born without a brain. Or that I’m almost 38 and should get an amniocentesis (NEVER!) to check for “problems.”

Great. Thanks. Do you feel better now?

So I’m writing about it on this site and then I’m putting it out of my mind because I CHOOSE to think positively during this lifetime. Even when I was fully pregnant with Callie and passed that huge blood clot and the ambulance came and they were talking C-section and the ambulance people didn’t even check for a freaking heartbeat, I stayed calm, prayed and thought good thoughts and everything was FINE (no C-section!). To this day, my doctor still doesn’t know what that huge clot was.

There’s a woman in my Catholic homeschool group who thinks positive thinking is a bunch of New Age crap, but I say, “What does it hurt to think of good outcomes?” Isn’t prayer just a bunch of positive thoughts, after all?

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