Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Van's Butt

Guess we're gonna try to cram all 5 kids into the Town and Country (meaning it has only 7 seats total). Yes, Karen has already warned me of the ramifications of having a booster in the front seat or of having a kid only in a lap belt in the back.

Part of me says look at all the crap kids survived in cars way back before seat belts. Part of me is all freaked out. Part of me thinks the kids would be safer in the minivan with NO SEAT BELTS than with me driving a 12-passenger van, but I should have thought of all this BEFORE getting knocked up again, right?

So here's the back of my van now ...


  1. Kerrie:

    So love to stop by and read. I have no Irish in me but also love to pound subject into the ground until they are beyond resuscitation. My hubby who believes in silence in all situations just shakes his head and remembers he took a vow before God and that I told him that he promised until death will we part and he better stay unless he wants me to kill him. Love love love the nail polish, what a wonderful Daddy!

    The Raggedy Girl

  2. Lol,awesome! Love all the stickers (the "Save the Ta-Tas" one is great). :D

  3. We have six children (family of 8 total) and only 7 seats. This means we don't all go out as a family, seriously. We just can't afford a whole new van and gas etc. when our children are teens and will be off to college in about four more years anyway.

    AND, the good/bad thing is that you can't pick up or drop off your children's friends. Good, because you can use that as a convenient and true excuse, but bad because when you really DO want to pick the nice kids up and bring them over, you can't. :p

  4. Front seat and lap belt aren't bad just don't use a booster :). That is what makes it dangerous. No booster should actually make it easier for you especially in the back since you have limited space :)

    f you want I will come over and install all your car seats for you. Mine don't move a centimeter! Chris was so good at it the seatbelt safety people tried to talk her into working for them

  5. You updated your people stickers! Cute!!!

    I'm also overprotective about letting my kids out of my sight, but am way lax on carseat standards. I know at least two of my seats are out of date, but they're 5pt harness and installed as tightly as they can be.

    Carseat nazis (who get all bent out of shape when they meet people like you and me and go off on rants) piss me all the way off. Go tighten your straps and call someone who cares.

  6. looks like a Dugger mobile may be a good option too....

  7. self proclaimed car seat nazi here! Karen is right no booster seat with lap only belts. People that do not restrain their children properly piss me off! I usually do call someone who cares... SRS!


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