Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So Michael has named this in-utero baby Samwich (not Sandwich).

And guess what? For the last few weeks I don’t care about Mexican food anymore.

Lately I have to have really good, fresh bread with cold cuts, cheese and mayo. Even for breakfast, because nothing else sounds good.

I have to have Subway with lots of lettuce and banana peppers.

I discovered Jimmy John’s in Hays, Kansas (ah, the Beach Club #12).

I dig a good, thin hamburger (Steak and Shake) with tons of tomato and lettuce and pickle.

And it doesn’t count as a sandwich, but I can’t get enough of McDonald’s crispy Ranch snack wrap.

Maybe this baby will someday own a place called “Samwich’s Sandwiches.”

And will create a famous sandwich called "The Tiebreaker."