Sunday, April 22, 2012

VINTAGE RERUN: Kids and Sports and Sunday (Early) Games

WARNING: INFLAMMATORY BLOG POST (originally posted 6/30/09 when I had passionate pregnant brain)

Today is VINTAGE RERUN SUNDAY! I'm kicking back today with my family so I have dug up an old episode of The (Mommy)Kerrie Show for your reading pleasure. Enjoy, and see you next week!

WHY would you have a soccer game at 6 a.m. on a Sunday? My friend with 7 kids has to get up and schlep all her kids ALONE to a 6 a.m. soccer game on a SUNDAY. She is a flippin’ saint in my book.

Here on The Kerrie Show, we’ve only gotten about HALF our total sleep intake by 6 a.m. (not really, but we certainly wake after the kids across the street at the school are all seated for their first class). If a coach told me my kid had a 6 a.m. game, I would honestly laugh out loud in his or her face. If the game was important to my kid, I guess I would have to show up or else send my poor husband since Eva wakes up whenever I leave the darn bed still. But if I had to show up that early, I would have to make it clear that it’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. (Darn my mother for passing on her mouthy nature to me).

Kids are overworked enough as it is (school, too much homework, music lessons, dance lessons, soccer, baseball, tutoring, Cub Scouts, CCD class, 4-H, etc.) … can’t they catch a little sleep on the weekend? [Edited to add: Same for their parents!]

First of all, Aron is adamant about the kids not playing any sports on Sunday. I’m on the fence. I mean, once they get older and have a game to play, I think they should be able to make the choice. But then I also wonder what would happen to the American family if we were all forced to hang out on Sundays and not be running our butts off to sports and activities.

What if we just had to BE with each other and (novel idea coming up here) TALK to each other and PLAY in the backyard or go to the park or the FREE nature trail, packing a lunch for the hike?

I kind of would like to watch that soccer game, though. I wonder how fast the kids are moving down the field and how many of those 10-year-olds downed a pot of coffee pre-game!

Speaking of soccer, my dad recently told me about his step-grandkid in Michigan, who is TWO YEARS OLD. She plays soccer. I begged him to videotape it and put it on YouTube. Wouldn’t that be entertaining?! [Edited to add: Now of course since I made fun of it I have myself a 2-year-old Sam who is a wiz at every freaking sport under the sun and you might even catch me at a Sunday game, but that remains to be seen.]

Use your nice words in the comments section, please. I know some of you are quite attached you your kids playing sports, and I realize this could be me someday (go, baseball … my Joel (DiMaggio) can hit and throw like a crazy man!).


  1. I agree it is ridiculous but there actually is a reason for it. The demand for fields FAR outweighs the supply. There are simply too many kids playing to be able to get all the games in. Indoor soccer is just as bad with 11:00pm games. Until taxpayers are willing to cough some money up for more fields this isn't going to change.

  2. I feel similarly about organized sports for kids and organized, thanks.

  3. Two year olds playing soccer is just rediculous. I always hated it when games were scheduled on sundays and holidays. I am in a blended family myself with 8 kids. My husband was a coach. But I was raised by a single mother with 3 sisters. We are shoppers, not athletes. I still try not to shop on Sundays or holidays. The world has gotten too busy. And I really think we are force feeding our children to do too much too soon. Like the whole Baby Einstein thing. For Pete Sake, why not just let babies be babies. Why do we rush them to learn and grow? way. I'd rather sleep. And so would my kids.

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  5. 6 a.m.? om a SUNDAY? WTF? No thanks-Pick another sport son, like championship NAPPING (I lettered in that!)

  6. i'm thinking it's more like once parents actually give a crap and ask their kid if they TRULY want to be playing a sport, then like 50% of the kids will drop out and there will be plenty of field space. just my psychic vision. y'all are welcome.


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