Sunday, June 21, 2009

Johnson County Library Mistake

So I did that post about Johnson County Parks and Recreation and their nasty, unrecyclable, nonworking Frisbee handout.

Today my 6-year-old noticed a problem with the Johnson County Library’s Summer Reading Club book log. He’s supposed to color in one picture for each book that he reads or that is read to him. So he counts them and notices the count is off. The first 10 and then 20 are fine. But where it says “30 books! Way to go” … it’s really only been 29 pictures and 29 books. This annoys my literal son Michael.

This also happens when you are supposed to have hit 60 books read … which really is only 58 pictures colored. Way to screw up a kid!

I don’t know who to point this out to, so I’m hoping they search for themselves and find this post. If that fails, I have a friend who reads my blog who works at the library and SHE can point it out (thanks in advance, Kelly!).

I’m cracking up because the form says, “Be a reading star!” But it says nothing about being a math star!!!


  1. Wow. Who thought of that dopey idea? You'd think librarians are smart enough to count.

    LOL Way to go on catching the mistake. Ask 'em for a prize!!

  2. Nope. We're not smart enough to count. That's why we became librarians--so we could read instead of do the math thing!

    I'm on vacation now, but I will definitely pass along your blog post to the appropriate authorities. I can't guarantee a response, but all of us children librarians will get a big laugh! Thanks :)

  3. I wish I could say we did that on purpose, to remind ourselves and everyone else that only God is perfect. But,, we just screwed up.

    That's pretty funny, though! I hope we didn't screw your son up too much. (For the record, my daughter would be pretty annoyed, too. She loves to tell me when she finds typos in books she's reading.)

  4. Didn't you guys know I am the Grammar Police? I am coming to arrest you!


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