Friday, May 8, 2009

Your Financial Future

I’m not rich, nor do I desire to be. I guess I just want more of the same … we have enough food, we each have a car, we have a nice home that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We have all the wonderful kids we want and are able to take care of them in every way possible, including educationally.

Aron and I talk about if we ever somehow came into a lot of money (impossible for the most part, since we don’t play the lottery). We’d give most of it away. Well, he says he’d give it ALL away. I say, “Don’t be stupid. Put some in our savings account for an emergency, some in each kid’s saving account and THEN give it away to a worthy cause that you really check out and get to know personally.”

Here’s the offensive question of the day, then:

Financial advisors now tell you to plan for your OWN financial future before putting your kids through college, paying for a costly wedding, etc. To me, this makes total sense. I’ll be old and feeble and will need the money for my hip replacement worse than my spry kids, who can work and pay off their own loans just like their dad and I had to do. Plus I might be taking care of my parents, step-parents and in-laws (in 3 separate shacks in the backyard, mind you).

By the way, let’s not forget about our parents because you may be in the Sandwich Generation (people taking care of their kids and their parents at the same time. You may need to be helping to take care of your parents, also. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather spring for a home-health nurse for my parents who gave me LIFE than pay for college for my kids or a $20,000 wedding (with the 50% divorce rate!) for my girls when my kids can so easily take care of themselves.

What do you think? And be NICE! Use your big-girl and big-boy words … ha!


  1. All our children paid for there own secondary education. It is the result of us being in the middle of putting hubby through school so he could realize his dream of being a teacher.

    The Raggedy Girl

  2. See, our kids will have it easy when it comes time to take care of us in our old age. They can divide it up so no one has to deal with us for too long. But our parents, they're screwed. One kid. No wonder they treat us so nice.

  3. My parents did not pay for college or my wedding and I am doing fine. I do plan to save a little for them because college was rough. But when they are in college I will be young and able to help with some of the expenses. As far as weddings I may kick in a few thousand but not a ridiculous amount. I just don't want them not to go to college because they can't afford it.

  4. I was blessed enough to have my parents help me out with both. They didn't pay for everything but did help out for both college & wedding. We started saving for college education for the kids the month they were born & started putting away for our retirements way before we had kids. We've learned to just live with less from early on, so we don't miss the $ we save each month. I plan to do the same with my kids, help, but not foot the whole bill that way they have some skin in the game and appreciate the cost and value each experience more. We plan to make the kids keep a certain GPA in college too if they want our assistance, that's the way I was brought up. You want help, you have to belly up to the table and put for the effort or I can spend my hard earned $ on other things.

  5. AGREE 100%!!! You are the smartest woman I know, and that is one of the manuy reasons I love you. Big, wet smooch...on the mouth. courtesy of my lowered inhibitions as I write this. Not that it would take much, you sexy mama. ;D

  6. Nope, we fund outselves first. We do put money aside for the kids, but the retirement, etc comes first. The kids will likely get their account turned over to them whenever, then they have to use it wisley and when it is gone, it's gone.


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