Monday, May 18, 2009

Walking School Bus

The world is so screwed up that kids shouldn’t even walk to school by themselves anymore. There’s a program our public school has started called the Walking School Bus. Basically an adult or two (with cool orange vests) accompany a group of kids to and from school every day to make sure they are safe. They all have to wait for each other just like waiting for a bus, then they all walk together and have different stops. Brilliant and safe, but also sad in a way that we have to worry about our kids so much.

I don’t remember walking to school much … my mom probably drove me on her way to work once she became a Working Mom again. But I definitely remember walking home FROM school because that’s when I got bullied by people bigger and smaller than myself and by people I thought were my friends. School was pretty cut-throat for a petite only child like myself who’d only had her friend Ambre to practice defending herself against (and Ambre was no Mike Tyson).

Here’s a picture Michael drew of a walking school bus because we get a kick out of the whole concept. And because he’s so literal. Sorry it’s cut off … that’s because I own a DELL printer/scanner/copier and it’s a piece of !@#$ that I’m about to pull an Office Space on (take it in a field and beat it to death with a baseball bat while “It’s Good to Be a Gangstah” plays in the background).


  1. Yeah, you need a new printer/scanner thingy...

    But that picture is SO CUTE from what I can see of it. LOL. Great concept, although sad as you say. I find it sad that school was so cutthroat for you. :(

  2. I agree it is crazy but has to be. I had 2 working parents and walked everyday.

  3. What a wonderful idea. It is a scary world and I do not let my great grand babies out of my sight. My grandson says can't he wait for the bus and I could watch from the window and I tell him no because I know a man who watched his daughter be kidnapped and he was only two house down the road from the bus stop so I stand out there with all the kids and just think of myself as The Bus Stop Mom.

    from The Raggedy Girl

  4. The "walking school bus" started in our town when the district got too stinkin' cheap to transport kids across busy streets. Children are cheaper to replace than new busses, I guess. :[


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