Sunday, May 31, 2009

Recycling at Schools Instead of Fundraising #MoneySmart

Public schools always act like they are hurting so badly for money. Yet they get crappy deals on supplies (see John Taylor Gatto’s book Weapons of Mass Instruction) and throw away so many textbooks, computers, monitors, etc. that you’d think they were Donald Trump.

The school across the street has FOUR huge bins in the parking lot to recycle tons of paper. So I just ASSumed the public schools in my area would recycle aluminum cans like the private schools do. WRONG.

When we went to the carnival across the street, there were cans overflowing from every trash can in every classroom. In the gym, one of the prizes for winning some game was a can of soda. When we left that night, cans littered the parking lot and grass at the school, like a nice big, non-alcoholic frat party.

So I thunk to myself, “Self, why not call the private school and find out how THEY do it and then ask the public schools why they don’t. Go to the superintendent if you have to. You’re just trying to help them, anyway.”

So I got on the horn. I called Holy Cross Catholic School first. I had to leave a message. Nobody has called me back.

Then I was going to call the school across the street from me and ask why they don’t recycle aluminum cans, but they collect soda pop TABS for needy children in other countries. Doesn’t make sense.

But then I got hot and tired and sick of thinking because of the training manual I was writing that was frying my brain and realized I don’t really give a crap right now. I’ll probably get fired up about it again next spring when I can think straight again.


  1. Oh, I love the word picture of that non-alcoholic frat party. LOL. Sounds like you and the kids should have brought a big garbage can and taken those cans yourself to the recycling center for some money as a homeschool project LOL.

    Seriously? These schools preach "save the earth" and all that and then toss the cans? It's just wasteful, even if you DON'T earn money on it. Sigh.

  2. Perhaps a letter to the editor of your local paper just expressing your concerns in these troubled times???
    The Raggedy Girl


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