Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Success in Old Age

For some reason I feel like I have to do everything NOW … homeschool, get my house in order (ha!), become a successful writer (success to me = making $100 per month!!!).

I keep forgetting I should slow down and appreciate all that is around me, which includes listening to people without interrupting and playing 2-square with my niece and tickling my kids for no reason at all instead of walking around with a must-write, must-do-dishes, must-teach-homonyms stick up my butt.

When I take time to do that, everything else falls into place anyway, plus I’m more peaceful and patient and find that I’ve made some pretty great memories with my husband and kids and other family members.

According to the May 4 issue of People Magazine (an excellent literary resource), Paula Deen didn’t publish her first cookbook until she was 50, which led to her own TV show at 55 AND overcame agoraphobia to do all that! Also, Morgan Freeman didn’t find fame as an actor until he was 52. Steve Carell landed his first starring role on a sitcom (The Office) when he was 43.

Slow down a little bit! If you don’t, you may just give yourself a heart attack or stroke and THEN where will you be? Let me know how it goes for you … it’s going to be a long process for me!

Update on those deleted posts: my in-laws are afraid of identify theft. I think a decent thief needs a social security number and possibly a date of birth, though. And I would also recommend to them to not shop online.

By the way, Happy 59th Birthday today, Mom!

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