Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ongoing Organization Battle

I had a burst of energy the other day while I was in the basement doing laundry. That’s where all my old journal stuff is stored, and there is a LOT because I process EVERYTHING through writing (anybody I’ve written about over the years: I was just venting and I still love you, I’m sure). I’m working on an essay for Mothering Magazine where I pour my heart out about my tandem nursing experiences over the years, and I need to hunt for journals from 2003.

My parents call me Sidetrack for a reason (and my husband calls me Flit). I get sidetracked easily and flit on to other things, leaving the previous mess behind. I remind myself of my destructive toddler.

Of course, you know how organization goes. Before I could think about the huge task of organizing my old journals (think spiral notebooks, Daytimer pages, loose sheets of paper, napkins, folders, etc.), I HAD TO organize my Celebration Shelf. This is the shelf that has items to regifts, things I’ve bought for future birthdays, tons of gift bags I save so I don’t have to buy any OR wrap anything, a few birthday tablecloths I found a good deal on, etc. I FINALLY put away Christmas wrapping paper.

When that was done, I stared at the Homeschool Shelf for a while, then got tired (conveniently using the Pregnancy Excuse) and the baby got clingy, so I went upstairs.

This exciting saga will have to be continued. In the meantime, how organized are YOU? What areas do you struggle with? Any tips?


  1. Um, cough, I used to think I was organized, but I'm not so sure anymore. I spend more time just getting through each day.

  2. I am great at making intricate lists but actually doing the stuff...not so good!

    Have A Wonderful Wednesday
    from Roberta Anne

  3. I am not good being a people pleaser. I always say what it on my mind and that often gets me into trouble. I don't know how to change it or if I even want to.

  4. I finally got myself a filing cabinet. It helped. A little...

    Oh, and there's a little something-something for you over at my blog! :)


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