Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Do You Eat at the Grocery Store?

The day before Easter I took Eva, Callie and their friend to the grocery store. I had a Ho-Ho craving, and got a box and dug in, giving each girl one and sharing 2 with myself. The little friend was incredulous and asked, “Can you do that?”

I said, “I just did.”

She said, “Will you get in trouble?”

I said, “I never have.”

She goes, “Are you going to pay for it?”

I said, “Of course! I’m many things, but thief is not one of them. We do it all the time. If I didn’t feed my kids while we shopped, there would be mass chaos and total meltdown on their part AND mine.”

So my question to you is this: Do you feed your kids while you shop? You know, open a box of Teddy Grahams when you first arrive so your kid will be happy?


  1. I don't do that, but do you know in CA you can get barred from a grocery store for sampling food (i.e. grapes, strawberries, nuts, etc...)? How crazy is that?

  2. I've done it, yes. And I always pay. :)

    They also have free popcorn at our grocery store. That REALLY helps!

  3. I always make the bakery give us a free cookie but we have opened all kinds of boxes and a few drinks too. My grocery also has a lunch room where you can buy food from the deli and eat lunch which has some great charm to my grandkids.

    Roberta Anne, the Raggedy Girl

  4. I have never opened anything, Although once my youngest was teething so I gave him a package of hotdogs to chew on and he ended up eating thru the pack. But if we are at walmart I will sometimes pick up some fries or chicken nuggets for the kids to snack on as we walk.I see nothing wrong with ppl opening stuff as long as it gets paid for. I worked for walmart and say a woman get arrested for eating a bananna and not paying for it.

  5. I bring raisins everywhere my son goes into a trans when he has them. I have opened stuff and ate it before. Of course I pay.

  6. Not very often but I have done this too.
    Ohh! Also kleenexes in an emergency!

  7. yes even SMOOSH does it!

  8. Not the stuff you have to pay for by weight, like grapes or bananas, but I would open a box of crackers if we needed too.

    We never have cause I always get those free, gross, atery clogging, trans fat laden cookies from the bakery. But I keeps them happy... until they hoover it down in ten seconds flat and start killing each other in the cart.


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